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Car rental information
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Car rental information

rent and other  

1. one day accrue, by the day. Timeout on settlement date rental 10%, less than one hour by hour calculations for more than 5 hours on a day basis. Timeout must be prior agreed to pick up the car;  

2. vehicle rental, daily kilometer limit, timeout/number of extra charge service fees, door-to-door delivery for my car prices is subject to this net of publicity;  

3. the costs of vehicles, such as transit fees, fuel surcharges, parking fees, cleaning fees and other costs borne by the lessee;   

statement on fuel  

this net rental vehicle when tank is typically only can guarantee you to the gas station, amount, depending on their trips come on, if you return the car enough oil, we cannot refund fees for oil or oil, when vehicles are already refueling, car gas tank to exit calibration!


citation processing  

1. by bus direction to produce illegal punishment notice or electronic police query results, you sure should be considered to the relevant Department for illegal procedures;  

2. you can also entrust delivery party, PDI will be deducted in illegal deposit the corresponding amount and the handling fee, adopted a number of principles of back fill less;  

3. you will need to provide your own driver's license points, or by delivery agent, charging 100 Yuan//;  

4. If the violation occurs after the fact you do not pay on time, or prepaid deposit of fines and failing to add enough fines, delivery to you right to otherwise recover, recover nothing, shall have the right to pull you into "list of bad faith", and according to the actual situation to notify the relevant units or individuals.