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?-Driving tips-dangerous moments easier to avoid accidents

Space to adjust seat height, more legroom--experienced owners get in the cockpit after the first do not start the vehicle, but adjust the rear-view mirror and seat position, determine the proper posture. When you adjust the cockpit seat, to make the driver's seat "no distortion", you must first adjust the seat height, then determine the leg room. &Nbsp;

seat "straighten" to brake – adjusting seat, many owners like to increase the inclination of the seat back, but leaning back too much easy to make them distraction, and if there is a contingency for emergency braking, too much leg room will weaken the brake is not conducive to owners of fast braking, prone to injury. Experts believe that the ideal leg distance must be slightly bent knees; when adjusting the seat back inclination, try to make the waist rather than shoulders close to the seat.

direction hold "3" and "9" bit manipulation is more sensitive-if the steering wheel as a clock, the most correct posture should be, took "3" and "9" two locations. Otherwise, when you receive the "emergency" needs braking, vehicle owners may not grip the wheel friction will not be enough, the same way, in the fierce control, fast, sharp steering wheel in time of need, this position will also increase the time switch left and right hand on the steering wheel.

brakes by "stepping on a cockroach," a foot brake it-enhance the safety awareness of the owners and driver training classes, coaches specifically for emergency braking exercises, emergency brake brake as cockroaches, tried to slam on the brakes. So, when is the best time to brake it? According to these experts, throttle release of Flash on the brake effect is most obvious.