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? New definitions in the car rental industry in urban development

In the history of human civilization, any innovation is of epoch-making significance to human life, as the human civilization into the steam the steam engine era, cars since the 19th century after its birth, also brought a new way to travel, with the luxury automobile from minorities, families of ordinary consumer goods, people's habits are gradually being changed by car. The automotive industry continue to grow, not only affects people's daily life, but also led to the growth of related industries, car rental is one of the car closely linked to the development. &Nbsp;

according to the Roland Berger consulting firm survey, 2010 China auto rental market a total size of around 18.2 billion yuan over the past 5-year compound annual growth rate of about 31%, by 2014, will reach 38 billion yuan.  From the data, it is easy to see, domestic car rental industry's future is unlimited. Car rental industry is booming, and not just due to the way people travel provides more choices, make travel simple, convenient; to ease traffic pressure and environmental contribution of the city is also one of the main reasons for the rise.

dating back to the end of the century, "car ride" is an important index of happiness hearts of many Chinese people, but now when it comes to cars, people's sense of happiness is dropping every year. At the end of August 2011, the national motor vehicle a total population of 219 million, of which cars accounted for 45.88% of the total motor vehicles, just over 100 million, and experts predict that the limit of car ownership in China is only 300 million. Oversized vehicles to China's urban infrastructure and hosted by the hard pressure on the management of the city, traffic congestion, parking and environmental pollution has become a major problem in urban management. Driving a car, stuck in traffic difficult, along the smooth flow of traffic and the freshness of the urban environment, day by day seems to go away.

high speed growth of the car, is considered the main culprit of traffic congestion and urban pollution. In recent years, the speed of China's transportation infrastructure has lagged far behind the growth rate of private cars, precisely because of the serious disconnect between supply and demand, traffic began to form a vicious circle: private car – occupied more roads--traffic jams – public transport efficiency and environmental pollution reduce-the more people buy cars-road congestion and worse conditions. Face the vicious circle caused by the imbalance between supply and demand, the people also put forward its own proposals: in addition to speeding up the transportation network and facilities construction and speeding up public transit transportation delivery outside the automotive resources rational use, flexible travel demand, we ease traffic congestion and an important way to reduce environmental pollution.

now, people on the car using the existence of serious waste of resources, many private car owners just work, work or weekend car, on average, cars no more than 2-3 hours a day, the rest of the time, the car was idle at home, did not get enough use. But if this idle car to meet the needs of other cars, then this car the rest of the time we can substitute 6, 7 the use of private cars. If every car can be fully utilized, the cars will be significantly reduced, car problems such as congestion and pollution will be effectively improved, in real life, car rental is a reflection of this car resource sharing.

greatest significance is that the best use of the car rental, sharing of resources, while maintaining the vehicle, were cars were up by at least one to take advantage of, so as to ease the traffic pressure, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving urban traffic and environment. Car rentals on fire, which is not occasional outbreaks of business needs, but the inevitable outcome of the development of urban transport, urban environment. Resources are limited, but the use can be long.

rent a car to ease traffic and environmental positive effect, can be said to have exceeded the definition of rental cars, car rental has been closely linked with social development, and with the increasingly popularity of car rental, a new era of car rental is closer and closer to us.