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? Auto market under bad policies domestic car rental industry is overwhelming

Keep a car couldn't afford--rent a car!

--borrow emergency car rent a car!

car shaking--not, rent a car!

limit lines, limited, since its continuous stream of bad policies of automobile market this year in Beijing, the impact on new car sales market is not small, car rental market is like a spring breeze, car restrictions consumers will increasingly look to rent a car. Statistical data show that leasing of rental markets in Beijing in the first half of this year compared with last year have grown around 50%.

with the auto consumer attitudes of changing and increased car rental companies service, many people changed from original car rental car hire, car hire is growing.

car buyers but turned to car rental

"seven Buick, is there? ”

"Yes, one week in advance reservations on the line, cars. ”

"how much money one day? ”

"short term rental, 5,001 day! ”

"what procedures? In trouble? ”

"with your ID card, driver's license or a credit card to run on the line, quickly. ”

6:30 P.M. 25th, a reporter in a car rental company, met to consult Miss Wang. Reporters learned that next week is going to marry Miss Wang, anxious to find a car to shuttle guests to the wedding, never car rental experience, she previously, but on car rental, but not strange at all. "I have a few colleagues often rent is generally when holiday rent a car and go out and play, they introduced me to the rental. "Ann said," was only one hundred or two hundred dollars a day, quite convenient. As we are usually not many vehicles, is to take the subway to work, when renting for a few days, without having to spend too much parking maintenance costs, pays. ”

car rental, Miss Wang is helpless: "I often colleagues are ready at hand money to buy a car, but I just can't shake up, and can't buy a car, only rented. I am also, money is no problem, the key is not. Roll up the number, need a car, I think car is good. ”

Miss Wang is just one of the car rental, rent a car has become a trend. Reporters interviewed a number of car rental customers, second only to miss the turn because of the limits to buy his car car rental car rental Beijing city limit line policy and high costs of keeping a car also contributed greatly to the growth of car rental, many consumers are renting this open-ended Open-ended line purchased and attracted by the relatively low cost way to travel and joined the car rental.

rental market potential

according to auto analyst Jia xinguang (micro-blog), the current domestic market is still dominated by leasing enterprises, institutions, individual market share rental than leasing enterprises, institutions, but there is no denying that showed a trend of growth.

according to Roland Berger Strategy consultants Consulting management firm research report shows that China's car rental industry annual growth rate as high as 30%, but is still in its early stages of development, market capacity by 2014 will reach 38 billion yuan.

reporter to another car rental company branch, while the head of store management unwilling to talk about specific conditions, but reporters saw is already past seven o'clock in the evening, receive advice, explanation of the contract, car, vehicle, more than 10 square meters large window, several staff pipelining, but still as busy as a bee. According to store head introduced, the shop not need ahead of set car, if customer need of car has now car words, from set car, and signed contract, and inspection car, and mention car, whole process down just 40 minutes on can completed, and also can according to customer needs, provides phone set car, and door sent car, personalized service, more convenient has customer, so has been yilai business good.

"business is good in these two years, high demand, estimated that in another year, the industry has changed. "This official said.

killer of solutions with affordable is attracting customers, leasing companies in the service efforts, price competition is very fierce, many companies even launched a daily rental as low as 75 69 models, for consumers who are struggling to keep a car will definitely save a lot of car cost to buy a car.

is far from mature markets

according to data out taxi and car rental Association of China, China's car rental industry is growing at an annual rate of 20%-30%, expected by 2015, national car rental demand will reach 300,000-400,000 units, revenues will reach 18 billion yuan. And experts say that this is probably only "conservative" forecast, if two or three lines are available and the development of first-tier cities as well, is far more than that.

Although the size of the domestic market in the fast-growing, Jia xinguang believes the gap between domestic and foreign car rental market is still very great. Money is the most key factors restricting the development of car rental companies, "so the car rental industry to gain greater development in China, must learn from the experience of foreign countries, cooperation with financial companies and auto manufacturers. ”

according to him, foreign automobile leasing has become a mature way of consumption, as a means of financing, major car rental companies in developed countries, are generally financial companies behind, and some even are direct investments made by financial firms. The domestic market is far from reaching that point. Meanwhile, the policy environment is also a major constraint for the development of, the current domestic laws and regulations are not perfect for the car rental market, is not conducive to development.

consumption is also a different point in the car rental market at home and abroad. As well as buying Chinese consumers for cars, care about more than just the right, also to ownership. Progressive Rentals jiangping, Deputy General Manager thinks that, although personal leasing will be a development priority in the future, but big change in consumer attitudes takes time.