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?“ To rent purchasing "popular car rental market is booming

&Nbsp;   recently, self drive tours, airport transfer, wedding cars and the marked increase in demand for cars,  car rental markets bustling, some rental car companies were "difficult to get a car" hot situation. Even on weekdays, car rental industry have never deserted. Consumer short term rental 1-2 day, some long term rent for months or even years. As in recent years "to rent a car instead of buying" new concept began to take shape, car rental market has been an unprecedented development.


"phased" owning a private car


     at present, car rental enterprise customer base consists of individuals and businesses. Among them, mainly for tourism, visiting relatives and business individuals. Car rental travel free and flexible, travel peak periods do not have to "vote" to worry about. Enterprise car rental save capital investment, saving management vehicle for human input, you can come up with more money in the operation of enterprises.


     short for tenants, rent a car is a way of easily accessed; customers for long term rent, car rental "save money" more meaningful.


     in addition, the car rental process simple and convenient, and is one reason consumers are willing to choose. Currently, the most popular book the car rental industry is to the car rental line, car rental formalities or go straight to the store. Some car rental companies also offer online booking, for consumers to select models. In short, it takes more than 10 minutes on the register, you will be able to "stage" to have my own car.


with value-added services

         in order to attract more consumers to car rental, rent a car companies introduced a wide variety of services to meet the different needs of customers. Some car rental companies "off-site rental car" business, and soon was widely welcomed by the consumers. Car rental to the field in the past, required to return the car back to the car rental locations, as long as the city stores car car. Enterprise also launched a "free ride", to open off-car through vehicle dispatch back to the original store, if you need to dispatch cars with drivers on the same route, then customers will be at very low prices "ride".

        reporters to observe   2007 years later, policy barriers are gradually lifted, the automotive industry rapid development, consumer credit reporting system and constantly perfected, to car rental companies saw industry development prospects and hope. Especially after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, to substitute car rental car consumption contributed to the car rental industry's market, profit model, service quality of competition continues to deepen.

         rent a car is no longer confined to the small vehicle: from the 11-seater van, 51-seat tour bus, the development of various types of vehicles, car rental business involved more widely in the field, takes on "industry" situation. Car rental enterprise in the, except has meet mass travel needs of General car rental Enterprise outside, some site on small construction car of needs also gave birth to has many rental truck of car rental enterprise, in there can rent to site with Spider-man car, and forklift, and heap high machine, professional construction car; on those has moved field, and decoration Villa, need of consumers,, can rent to convenience of small freight car, and ascended car,, for they lifted has many troubles.

         experts say, national two-thirds of the motor vehicle driver license does not have its own car, this is the great potential for the car rental industry. With the "green travel, low carbon life" view of consumption in the market quickly, first, more and more consumers will be replaced by rental car