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? Rational consumption brings quality to "rent"

&Nbsp;    a lot of people never thought of, has always been a strong property market in the year of the Dragon hit winter before the Spring Festival, and continues today. From the reflection of the current real-estate developers and residents, no signs for a short time, while the auto market has entered a period of cold early. In contrast, rental and car rental market is not affected by the seasons and the impact of external factors, high "rents" demand ever staged in a high profile. Although the State regulation and let some people purchase car buyers take a wait-and-see attitude, but there is no denying that traditional consumer attitudes have changed, and denied slaves-slaves of high pressure lives and rent a car's quality of life concept has been gradually penetrated.

"rent" no off-season market

during the Spring Festival, car rental market is shining, rents are soaring all the way car rental still could not withstand the high enthusiasm, difficult to get a car no longer is the story of a car rental company, but a realistic visualization of the entire car rental industry. Well-known EHI car rental enterprise, the author learned that the Spring Festival has always been the prime time of the car rental industry, if weekend and general holidays are hopping, is squeezing the Spring Festival break the threshold.

for hot rental market, who believe the struggle going on in the chest. Four seasons, from beginning to end, the rental market never had a chill. Among them, there are large number of people carrying a down payment Fund has no intention to purchase. Five early starts in Beijing looking for rental housing, GAO said, went to look for a room in the morning, a little hesitant in the afternoon were told was leased out, which put us to shame.

If the rental is the last resort, that traffic is so easy now, rent a car why so popular? The reason, but people began the pursuit of quality of life, when I can't afford or don't want to afford buying pressure, "rent" can be a means to help them quick access to quality of life.

generation analysis of what constitutes quality of life

for quality of life, different people have different understandings, people have different definitions in different stages. 60, $literal to a name on the room to scrimp and save, any expense basics, travel, entertainment and their own chips. In many generation appears to be self-evident, that House slave, slave life like, and generation runs counter to the pursuit of quality of life, and even have their own houses, cars, what use is not happy.

"a House only 70-year tenure, life is only a few decades, why bother for a future not your own House and decades of hard? May as well enjoying a quality tenant. "After the small Beijing holds 12000 Yuan salary, more than 400,000 of the deposit, but he had no intention of buying a House. Xiaohe told me that his life is now free, there's a bunch of good friends, weekend and holiday rental with outings, if and when the House slave it's all gone, so not worth it.

"why you want to buy a car? Shake, shake up, roll up, fares, parking fees, maintenance costs are not small, price is too low. Car arrived, very convenient, use car to rent a car, cars can easily change, as long as you want, can get a new car every day, as their rental car parking lot, that's the atmosphere! "For rent, little HO's views represent the views of a considerable portion of generation, buying a car is no longer a main choice for white-collar.

lifestyle changes brought on rationalization

for rent life understanding of the increasingly popular and young people in the pursuit of quality of life, it was said that under high prices is high prices, a distant second. In fact, this is a more rational consumption concept and Outlook on life.

according to a sample survey shows that many car users are economic strength, consumer attitudes to be rented. On one hand, taking into account the purchase cost of car, rent a car more affordable; is more important on the other hand, car rental to meet user demand for different vehicles, fully free choice model, which uses the car's quality of life.

from generation of rent and rental markets a series of consumer behavior, their pursuit of the concept of quality of life in young generation of consumption changed. Sociologists say this is a more mature concept of consumption, in Europe and the United States, car rental market has not only become part of people's lives, meet the demand for more social, and more importantly reduce the absolute ownership of the community as a whole, to alleviate traffic pressure and improve the environment are of great significance. In the United States, nearly a year 30% new cars through car rental companies Digest, healthy development of the car rental industry to drive multiple peripheral industries are of great significance for the further development.

and the car rental market in China is not on the scale, there is still a lot of space. But predictably, China as well as Europe and the United States in the near future, "rent" concept of consumption become the main way of life.