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Car rental save shared more efficiently

Solve the parking problem, "welcome by officials recently, the United States, New Jersey huobokencheng to cooperate with car rental companies such as Hertz's first United States cities. Huobokenshi has been facing issues with vehicle density is too large. For example, a 4 square car park can issue 17,000 parking permit. The car-sharing scheme is huobokenshi in the search for new ways to solve the city's parking crisis.

starting from mid-this year, people in this city with a $ 25 fee will be able to join the shared schedules on the Internet. A week after joining the program, they receive a card, this card is used to unlock car's membership. Residents of participating in the scheme is not delivered within two years a $ 25 annual fee, only need to pay a rent of rent. Customers only need to use a computer or phone can book a car and choose to use the time and style of the car. After the card unblock, the keys can be found in the car, after use the keys need to consciously put back in place. Time limit for each hiring is "from one hour to one week." In the huobokenshi plan for the first time in about 30 car-sharing put into use, with cars including the Mazda 3, Toyota Camry and the BMW mini. Huobokenshi official said, after sharing the number of cars is expected to reach 42.

Hoboken city traffic and parking service Director Ian had previously come into contact with the car-sharing model, he said, a car-sharing program ideas from generation to implement some small twists and turns.   "Our cities in order to solve the problem of parking spaces a lot of worry, the previous approach is to provide more parking spaces as much as possible from the point of view to do, such as building more parking lots," he said, "but the car-sharing scheme is a way to address consumer demand, this is when consumers need cars provide an option for them. "According to statistics from trans-shipment Centre for collaborative research projects, each car sharing instead of 14.9 private cars. Hoboken city officials think that every shared car 17 families will be encouraged to give up their private cars. They predict that in a year's time, 750 fewer cars on the road.

This is an honest service

to date, about 250 Hoboken city residents to join the plan. Car rental is $ 5 to $ 14 an hour, according to the different models to calculate. The services included in the price are fuel, insurance, global positioning systems and road assistance. Each car has a fuel card can be used at different gas stations. Company also introduced preferential policies, when the residents of Hoboken for the first time to participate in the programme, account will be stored in $ 75.

in 2000, when 38% of Hoboken residents did not own a car, and car-sharing scheme is intended to guarantee 90% of the inhabitants of the city can be found within five minutes of a shared car. "For those people who do not drive to work, and only need to drive one or two times a week to buy groceries and food people, the plan can help them save $ 3000 to 5000  a year". A shared services company Manager, Juan said. Shared services companies to pay the Government $ 100 per month for each parking space. These shared cars parked in the street corner and ground green line logo and brand of car-sharing have shown that special status.

     Hertz business worldwide car rental company, car rental network all over 147 countries of the world, with more than more than 8,100 rental stores. "Hertz links" is a car club, is also a brilliant idea Hertz to attract customers, it allows people to use the rented vehicle as easy as using private cars. According to the Hertz global car-sharing scheme introduced Greif, Director of the company, Hertz, the Club was founded in December 2008, was established because the company realized that sharing a car can be an effective channel for profits.

it uses the telematics Terminal to Terminal, after becoming a registered member, you can check your invoices online and driving records. Time each Member will receive a reservation confirmation email and licence, location, description of the information. When in use as long as the membership card in front of the windshield, and will be able to unlock the car. In addition, this car comes with the iPod playback devices and navigation systems. Hertz is self-help methods, according to the mileage charges, easy access and flexible. It is understood that such services have been in United States universities and community outreach.