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Car rental tourism distress how to protect oneself

1. high-speed puncture   holding brake

  tire likely led to serious accidents, especially on the highway, tire is dangerous. Highways are usually an integral part of driving, so the flat tire on the highway to be on guard. (Travel, best check the tire situation is good. Tire pressure is normal)

  in contrast, the consequences caused by the front tire to be much larger than the rear tire, the tire of the front wheels need to be more careful. Like right front tire, the car will have serious deviation to the right, then slam on the brakes will result in traffic a more serious right, to the right, the car is likely to turn on their own into the roadbed or even overturned.

 , of course, no matter which tire, to remain calm and must not slam on the brakes, but hold the steering wheel tightly, driving the vehicle in a straight line. Meanwhile, tap the brakes, gradually slow down slowly to the right side of the road to pull over. And at the rear of the car, placing security warning signs. Tip behind the drivers pay attention to safety.

2. the vehicles ignition   ionization body cut off oil

  vehicle spontaneous combustion occurs in some older vehicles, and some circuit modifications, installation of equipment and vehicles, and vehicle repair after collisions and rollover accidents, are also prone to spontaneous combustion.

  once the car is on fire, and drivers in addition to immediate fire, but also according to decisively take the appropriate measures. If the car running, smoke, fire, drivers have to immediately turn off stop, cut off the power supply, turn off the fuel tank switch, close the blinds and the ignition switch, and immediately organized personnel to leave. In order to conveniently push the fire vehicles, ground parking brake handle. Vehicles found to smoke, do not blindly open the hood checked, with dry chemical fire extinguisher at the front bottom of the heat sink or vehicle, to extinguish. If the car has no fire-fighting equipment, can be covered in clothes after soaking, or buried with the roadside sand, but don't put out with water. (Check whether the vehicle is equipped with a fire extinguisher before travel)

3. brake failure   light pull Handbrake hurry grab gears

  brake failure for many reasons, glide slope road section under space, frequent use of brakes, brake system temperature, brake oil vaporization, brake weakness, this is the main reason. (Shijiazhuang Tucson car rental company you must check the condition before)

  after the brakes, Handbrake brakes controlled properly, not hard pull handbrake. Excessive pull Handbrake will make the rear wheels lock, the car easily get out of hand. Correct way is to gently pull the hand brake lever, tighten, loosen, tighten, loose, slow the vehicle to a halt. Should pay attention to is that pull Handbrake handle to press the insurance button into the handle, tighten, relax in the process operate freely, prevent the handbrake locking.