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? Long distance driving back maintenance

long distance driving back do you need maintenance, how to maintain and which needs to check which do not have to check? Chassis, brakes and tires in three key parts of the test are not one less, and General bus on the engine, the gearbox will not damage, don't waste much time in this area. Body if there is no deep scars ordinary polishing and waxing can. It is worth reminding the owner is, unless the vehicle drive just after the break to a certain maintenance or servicing of term, what's wrong with normal car, to maintain the focus and less money.




long-distance running muddy road chassis anti-rust treatment is needed


Sega went to Guilin owner Mr ban during the national day self drive tours, tour guide run several times in the course of road, the chassis was scratch several times, each hearing the chassis once and my heart thumped. Pan back to wash the car, the first thing is to find a beauty shop that can increase vehicle inspection, found the engine shield more than more than 10 scratches, distressed, he hurriedly sent to 4S shop for car repair. Ding to the stores after sales manager Yang Yang said, when new chassis in the factory has done the anti-rust treatment, roads in the city, or long-distance running speed, and better road you do not have to check road conditions, but if you like running across the road or muddy road Pan car, you need to carefully check the chassis. Because running these roads of mud and other dirt is easily attached to the chassis, and constantly hit the protective layer of sand of chassis chassis would also be damaged, this chassis was greatly increases the likelihood of corrosion. Mister car test chassis is particularly necessary. Yang Yang said chassis includes the transmission parts, suspension components is loose or damaged, such as drive shafts, axle shaft, axle boots, suspension and chassis ball, shock absorbers, rust check.


clear grit in the pattern detection of tyre pressure


Wang Mucheng said that in addition to the chassis inspection, tire checks are also very important. Foshan owners driving loves going to the beach, came back by the beach, be sure to wash the car. Because the sand on the beach is very easy to make out the salt body rust and oxidation, especially tire wheel parts to ensure clean water. Worth noting is that long back be sure to check the tire pressure, General tire pressure gauges can be measured without tire pressure gauge, you can drive the car to the repair shop or 4S shop testing, this is a no cost. Also, check the tire tread is there a mixture of sand and gravel, and if there is, be sure to put the sand clears. Tires still have an important inspection of tire wear, the owners can be seen, each tire is "wear limit signs" Groove is in the raised position, generally have the pattern instructions. If any part of tire tread wear patterns and grooves in the tires "wear limit signs" as highly, it indicates groove depth is less than 1.6 mm, then you should replace tires.


puddle the brake to prevent the brake belt into the water


Wang Mucheng said, check the brakes is the most intuitive, stepped on the brakes and see if the braking effect is the same, but also through Visual brake disc surface for aluminum alloy rims tires. Brake disc surface is smooth, if a clear notch, may be small debris stuck in between the brake disc and the fender. If the brakes were deformed and affect brake performance, you need to replace the brake pads. In addition, if you find brake fluid oil level is lowered, to immediately check the braking circuit for leaks where if is normal consumption, please also supply. Another scenario will appear during the process of noise the car in wading, brakes easily into the water, this time on the brakes, belts will be issued a "chirping" sound, this had little effect, owners only need to hit a few feet brake then in a row, saying that brake, you can put the water out of the belt. Owner when a puddle every time, can also use this method to eliminate   that sound.


do you want to check the chassis can judge for themselves


these sounds more professional, as an ordinary car owners can check on their own problem? What kind of situations you need to check the chassis? Guangzhou Toyota Yifeng stores after sales manager Wang Mucheng said, chassis owners difficult to handle on their own, but if you need to check the chassis owners can judge for themselves. For example, in long beach, mud and gravel roads, driving chassis of heard a scraping sound, if there is such a situation, it is best to do your thorough check on car chassis. Long in the mud road, best car specializes in a chassis clean and rust preventive maintenance, to ensure clean chassis. In the chassis after rinse thoroughly, they should immediately dried, and then carried out by professionals with special purpose vehicle chassis rust anti-rust treatment. Have to find experienced car beauty shops.


long distance driving back check is necessary, but also to prevent because they are not familiar with the car's mechanical structures for suffered teasing. Field specialist Mr Albert CHAN said, to auto repair shops to check when the vehicle ahead under boning lessons and wholly followed, Lookout, avoid due to lack of maintenance and more value for money.


Tips: meet the whole car checks to shop around


just bought a new car not to Miss NG for the first time in a month to run long distances, and came back to find the bus on the right tail light not bright enough. October 6 in Dali, 325 national highway, a repair shop to make a check, maintenance personnel told Ms Wu, not only oil but the taillights of vehicles failing, you need to make a full circuit of the vehicle inspection. Car circuit after checking each other informed takes more than 2000 Yuan. Miss Wu thinks the cost was too expensive, mechanical structures for their unfamiliar car, but do not know the maintenance, fearing "Shanghaied", then drove home, October 10 in a green view road maintenance factory inspections, only 1300 Yuan.


field specialist Mr Albert said that automobile maintenance market a mixed bag, did not rule out some repair shops to make a profit and exaggerated, bully female owner or the new owners did not know the vehicle maintenance, ailments said to deliberately failed badly, openly making dirty money. So owners need to pay attention, and may wish to shop around before the whole car checks to see if you really need to do the whole car checks.


trick two: repair the car with a knowledgeable friend, accompanied by


"If oil spills, vehicle owners can make a preliminary judgment. "Mr Albert said, whether the owners can recall driving through experience of chassis. Also, compare car days whether there is a significant change, if there is a chassis noise, steering wheel wobble, it means the chassis had been damaged. This is because the pavement obstructions after scratching chassis, chassis parts deformation, especially hem arm, around the tension bar easy to deform. The simplest and most straightforward way is to park the vehicle in a position for a while, see if there are any oil on the ground and so on. Minor scratch touch does cause the oil pan or gearbox oil pan slightly leaking. If there is oil, it is best to do a specialty chassis rust nursing or spray paint to do a chassis ' armored ' with all. "Female owner or the new owners due to the lack of knowledge about car repair, often easy to repair shop to cheat. Albert Luo recommended that owners of such car fails, and may be accompanied with a knowledgeable friend repair, repair shops do not dare to "fudge", to avoid being cheated.


non-project must be replaced


Don't blindly replace with new oil


Ding to the aftermarket head Yang Yang warned that if the vehicle's maintenance period has not been reached, owners don't have to blindly replace with new oil. Add or change the oil reference standards is that long-distance driving whether there was oil leakage, the owner as long as the ruler out oil and wiped clean before you put them into isolation after a pull it out and see, see if the oil level is between the online and offline. Does the engine have obvious noise and engine oil do you need to update one of the terms of reference.


engine antifreeze don't have to rush to change


common engine antifreeze generally needs to be replaced only once every two years, long life antifreeze can be up to 4 years, owners can use time to determine if you need to replace. Yang Yang said, Foshan, according to climate, antifreeze by the date on the line, cars no problem, no need to rush to change.


routine checks


body paint checking


Yang Yang warned that journey will make car paint dirty, paint check needs to be done, back for a thorough cleaning is essential, Polish directly to the beauty shop, the cost is not high.


second car check


long-distance driving many owners like to roll down the window, but because of the window open for too long in the wild, accumulate a lot of dust in the cars, need a professional steam cleaner to dry these parts.


air conditioning check


air conditioning maintenance is divided into two areas, one is in returning travelers who check in front of the air conditioning refrigerant tanks, are there any leaks because of the bumps or impacts; second because road conditions caused by air conditioning radiator and pipe large amounts of dust.