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? Stagnant auto sales car rental industry ushered in a new era

Lead: birth of the car rental industry for some time, but in the "own car" under the influence of ideas, in the situation of this industry in the country was in a tepid, car leasing object and have certain limitations. With the change of policy and markets in recent years, car rental advantages gradually received by users, ushered in a new era in car rental industry.

auto sales growth with the rise of the car rental industry

data from January-October this year for the domestic car market is relatively bleak year, unsatisfactory performance of many auto companies, including some local firms lost money in the third quarter. October passenger car production and sales volume were 1.2618 million units and 1.2208 million vehicles, a decline of 1.04% and 7.48%, where sales grew by only 1.42%, 27.12% compared with 2010, gains decreased growth stalled.

sales growth stalled partly because of the increasingly saturated market, on the other hand due to the adjustment of relevant policies. Adjustment of relevant policies are closely related to urban sustainability. In Beijing, for example, daily morning and evening rush hour has more road congestion, and some sections more congestion in continued throughout the day.

the other hand, energy-saving and environmental protection also affects the macro-policy of the automotive market, including subsidies for new energy vehicles, energy-efficient vehicles, and so on. Recent energy conservation standards also have had an impact on the performance of many auto companies.

     demand for cars and car red tape to promote rental development

car rental industry is highly developed, one of the reasons is due to user demand for large cars, more common, including wedding, driving private demand, as well as a wide range of business needs. As the demand for these vehicles increasing, more customers will choose between car buyers and car hire, car rental industry: development of market infrastructure.

in addition to outside users vehicles demand growing, reflected cumbersome car rental advantages, one manifestation of this is now emerging of "car".

implementation of lottery buyers in Beijing for some time, in the course of the implementation of this policy, can purchase index ratio is not very high, many users are waiting for the index to stage. In view of the many domestic auto enterprises still rely mostly on sales patterns, in other cities in the future the possibility of road congestion is high, limited implementation of policies in more cities are possible, and therefore "car" in the future will most likely be a widespread problem.

the other hand, car rental in relation to car purchases more affordable. Car maintenance, repair, and so on, for example, when the user select can push these complicated problems to the car rental company, just enjoying the convenience brought about by motor vehicles.

for enterprises, in addition to issues such as maintenance, repair, and relative to the car, rental cars can also be input to become more flexible, more controlled, so as to facilitate the management, cost savings, and reduce the risk of long-term investments and other effects.

users vehicles demand growing, but cumbersome to maintain substantial cost, disposable, even policy restrictions, car is becoming increasingly uneconomic, "have their own cars" will no longer be the best choice. In contrast, the car has unique advantages in these areas, will be more and more user attention.