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? To buy rent new model leading lifestyle

&Nbsp;    recently, the home of vehicle repairs, replacement, return liability provisions (hereinafter "the car three guarantees" provisions) of legislative hearings held to service my car once again thrust into the forefront of public opinion. Automotive aftermarket hard problems that bedevil every buyer, especially when you encounter problems in the car, even if he broke his leg the interests of consumers cannot be upheld, for many people, the automotive aftermarket as if he was a human rights nightmare. Automotive aftermarket hard let more and more people begin to consider pursuit of comfortable cars pros and cons of the AMS began after the eyes to the rental car area. &Nbsp;

difficulties in the automotive aftermarket consumers shout "can't afford"

within 6 months of the year new car complaint ratio of users accounted for more than 60% of the total complaints, record, auto "three guarantees" policy delays, consumer interests are not properly maintained. But after the recent hearing, people still don't hold out much hope for three guarantees, many professionals and consumers say, even the regulations, "easier to buy a car repair difficult" situation is still difficult to get a good solution.

difficulties of proof, identification difficult, claims these tragedies as the automotive aftermarket's biggest obstacle, vehicle repair problems with application within the time stated in the difficulties, and manufacturers, after the dispute arises, they are often saying "you give the results to" send consumers, because identification is not cheap, at least 15,000 yuan, more than several tens of thousands of. More important is that even if you get the results, are likely to be vague conclusion language, leading activist risks high.

in addition, the back is difficult. Because, according to the 4S shops, sales of cars from the moment, from the "new car" becomes "used cars", a radical change in nature, it can only be built cannot be refunded. This purchase of provisions of the King so that consumers become big ones.

the hard way of the automotive aftermarket for cars is both loved and hated, have their own car is the dream of every man who won a driver's license, but after sales problem made more and more people buy and not to buy the adversary. While the car rental industry's rapid development and optimization of the system of greatly leveraged this part of the population.

to buy for rent will be the trend

car buyers increasingly low costs, but the cost of keeping a car is gradually rising, a service alone exhausted energy and happiness of the people, coupled with the cost of maintenance and testing, car-less and less convenient experience. Compare problems ensued after buying a car, car hire this "shuaishouzhanggui" type of pattern is much more comfortable to use the car. Also in the car when you need to get on at any time, but not the sale of all kinds of trouble, nor the issue of conservation and maintenance, car rental travel more and more young people of all ages.

with car rental industry of development, car rental service system also increasingly perfect, to user provides of service also became more human and convenient sex, more is has such as a Hi car rental proposed of "as cars like experience" of slogan, stimulus with consumers of consumption neural, quickly build has modern city travel of new way, and gradually penetration to people of tourism, and visits and daily travel activities in the.

for select, besides after-sales issues into all sorts of trouble and distress, a car rental, three other factors also occupy an increasingly important place in the daily.

car rental reason: reduced transport costs

many had several car rental experience to consumers, said car now costs more expensive, parking fees high, if the vehicle has problems, the cost is more expensive, and rent a car this car rental is needed less parking fee and inspection maintenance and depreciation costs, greatly reduce the cost of car. In addition, now rent convenience, rental car at any time, and his car almost the same convenience, so choose car rental deal than car purchases.

indeed, the car easier to keep a car has become a fact, especially North of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other cities, parking a let a lot of people to car buyers stay away, and the car rental without the huge costs. Online reservation car, go car, car directly after use, no maintenance repairs and high parking costs, but free and easy travel is not affected.

car rental reason two: no, no money to buy a car but car rental

around difficult traffic environment pressure more or less are brought to people's travel inconveniences, especially in Beijing, issued a limited purchase of such policy of city. In last month's lottery in Beijing, there has been a 1:37 of the low success rate, buy the indefinite wait in line for Lottery gradually disarm the people's enthusiasm for car purchases, waiting for the car rental, disintegrating in the car rental suppliers purchase determination, car rental instead of car consumption concept is formed gradually.

in addition, economic tensions but pursuit of quality of life for people who rent a car is a good option. Therefore, car travel has become more and more popular way to travel.

car hire three reasons: more convenient car rental service

since 2006, have emerged, such as Long Yaodi, EHI, extreme car rental, rental cars and other large chain enterprises, along with the development in recent years, major car rental companies have to continually improve their service system to improve the consumer experience, so as to gain more support.

with leading car rental companies Long Yaodi rental cars since 2003, Long Yaodi rent first to achieve full e-commerce management, users can quickly book online models, and a 24-hour reservation and other online reservation at any time. In addition, the cab service, remote access, full delivery vehicles, and other human services makes more and more people are beginning to enjoy car hire this exclusive and convenient way to travel.

can be said that the momentum of the car more and more fierce, for the car rental industry's development can be described as rapid as Tigers, so people in the industry say, rent a consumption pattern will become the common way. These factors, car rental naturally instead of a car.