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? Rent a car or travel into the mainstream travel mode

&Nbsp;    the invention of the automobile, and certainly had a huge impact on social development, which enrich the ways people travel at the same time, it changed people's ideas. Many years ago, having a car of his own is what a luxury thing. Now, with the economic development, raising the level of people's material, private cars also entered the homes of ordinary people, everyday consumer items became public life, and as the demand for cars increased, flaunts quick and easy car rental industry is growing up. &Nbsp;

people gradually increased

referring to travel, people might think of ancient carriages, ferries, also might think of modern buses, trains, or is the thought of current aircraft, railway, social progress, and new means of transport have emerged, people have more choices for travelers. However, travel by bus, train, plane which, after some difficulty to reach your destination, this travel adds a little fatigue, people begin to yearn for more convenient and comfortable way to travel.

self-driving travel welcome

single in terms of short-distance travel, driving both to shorten the journey time and increase the comfort of the journey, is the way most people longing for travel. With the height of modern automobile industry development, more people can have their own vehicles, it also makes road trips became popular, but compared with the huge population base, and car still failed to become a mainstream way to travel. Until the rise of the car rental industry in recent years, before driving out into the homes of ordinary people, and popular way of increasing liberalization and quality.

rent a car or travel into the mainstream of society

in recent years, with the development of car rental, car rental system is also improved, to provide the services have become more user-friendly and convenient. Rental cars in the world, for example, rental cars in the world to implement "two card a card" implementation of simple services such as car rental, 24-hour car rental, rent a car simpler and easier. At this point, the car has become the most popular way people travel.

it is understood that the rapid development of the car rental industry, not only "books" achieve the dream of car travel, also attract car owners to join in the rental car. In their view, own vehicles to meet the needs of long distance travel, out of consideration of the condition itself, from the car rental company car is a good way to better performance.

industry insiders said, China's car rental industry is growing at an annual rate of 20%-30%, expected by 2015, national car rental demand will reach 300,000-400,000 units, car rental or soon to become the mainstream of society.