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1. holiday car hire should try to book in advance  

spring, also too many people drive outing, while car hire holiday ideas took hold. Now leasing companies while more and more, but the season still can not meet the market demand. Therefore, if you want to enjoy car rental self drive tours, should also try to contact in advance booking, and payment of deposit, go through the reservation procedures.  

2. Select model  

If traveling to a scenic spot with my friends, and mountain high, you can consider renting an SUV if outing together was a family of three can lease a comfortable car, can not only ensure travel quality and cost savings. If you are a business customer, so impressive generous minivan will be your first choice.  

3.   going to do to the car necessary;

normal car rental companies have a complete management process to ensure that vehicles in top condition. A case study of China auto rental, all vehicle rental cars in less than two years old, rents before cleaning and safety testing, and make sure the fuel tank is full of oil. It can be said that good condition travel more convenient for you.  

4. time to remember  

typically, customers expired car, car rental companies will be charged overtime fees, so to calculate the exact travel dates so as not to make more money.