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oil prices rise again, fuel-saving owner again a topic of concern. Car owners to drive the fuel-saving measures that have been taken are actually driving and the car has a lot of fuel-saving tips. Today, day Lihong rental site to teach you a few pointers.  

driving the five "reduce"  

many in the industry believe that increased fuel consumption is to a great extent caused by bad driving habits. It is learnt that, as a car, two people driving, due to different levels of operation, fuel consumption can vary by as much as 8%. Vehicle owners improve their unscientific and irregular movements in the past, you can receive an immediate fuel-saving effect.  

we will see such a scene at the intersection, when the green light is lit when many cars like an arrow flew out, which many drivers pounding throttle results. Speed up,  fuel consumption also followed up.  

professionals think, first On the road to slow starts. At the start, it is best to slowly, rapid start injury, wasting fuel. It is estimated that rapid starting 10 times about waste of fuel more than 120 ml. Car start on the full or ramps, preferably with a block, moderate throttle.   Empty, after starting in second, can change into third gear,  gear high distance longer. Red car, pay attention to the roar of the engine there should be no sharp, because fuel consumption the most. When the engine speed is the most fuel-efficient, without a major load when needed, without the engine is in the running state. In addition, if the car is at high speed, you need to overcome the greater air resistance, fuel consumption has soared. Driving car owners must pay attention to five   a "reduce":  

1, reduced braking. In motion, if found early, pick a method of retaining glide can be taken to minimize emergency braking to reduce the energy loss due to braking.  

2, reduce idling. To minimize engine idling, when parking, the best stall.  

3, when driving at high speed should not open the window. As roll the car window glass breaks the streamlined to increase air resistance of the vehicle, thereby making the car more fuel consumption.  

4, reducing the number of parking. In driving, foreseen in advance, try to keep the car running inertia, using speed to handle the situation wrong car, and stop   stop stop, to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.  

5, attention to reduce turn around times. Reverse speed low fuel consumption than forward in the road, you should try to reduce the number of U-turn, when really necessary to turn around, to make use of idle a chance to choose a favourable terrain along the car turn.  

maintenance of the four "taking note of"  

a car can be fuel, in addition to the driver's driving habits, a good or bad technical condition of the car itself is the key to fuel economy. Of course, the parts relating to the fuel economy is one of the very few  , so many owners often do not pay attention to. Auto repair and maintenance expert, said car owners in the normal course of life must be in the habit of regularly maintained cars driving habits, which is required for fuel.  

1, pay attention to the air filter maintenance. When maintenance car, first pay attention to maintenance the air filter, its role was to purify the air in entering the cylinder,  If oil exceeded the standard and dirty, will impede the air flow, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Tests show that as fuel oil too dirty, oil level too high will increase fuel consumption by more than 20%. So pay attention to regular maintenance, membrane then coated with a certain amount of oil after each cleaning, lubricants according to the scale at the bottom of a standard raise.  

2, pay attention to remove carbon. Secondly, we should note that   remove carbon. After the increase in combustion chamber of carbon likely to cause spontaneous combustion of the air/fuel mixture, resulting in decreased power, if excessive carbon deposition can increase fuel consumption by about 8%, so in the secondary care and remove the cylinder head for other reasons to be careful when clearing Chamber and carbon at the top of the piston, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.  

3, pay attention to the maintenance of muffler. Silencer should also pay attention to maintenance. This estimate is that many owners have not noticed. Muffler is designed to reduce noise. Its main function is to remove some noise, reducing pollution, but from another   way it prevents emission of exhaust, consuming some power. If the muffler cracked damaged, will further prevent emission of exhaust flow, increasing fuel consumption. Usually pay attention to muffler features, phenomena such as found the damage should be excluded or replaced in a timely manner.  

4, adjust the tire pressure. In addition, pay attention to adjust tire pressure, brake performance of the vehicle, do preventive maintenance at least once a year on the engine because the engine imbalance will fuel consumption for a long time.