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  news "China, Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other 11 provinces will again by fog in parts of it.  "It is reported that some local impact due to thick fog, visibility was generally less than 100 m, visibility less than 50 m of individual sections, mostly highway and even completely closed.  Autumn is foggy season, tips on the safe driving also became necessary, how the fog clear line of sight, and some tips to give it a try. Glass fog-fog driving keep windscreen definition is particularly important, so glass must be clean before travel.  In General, when fog is encountered, the windshield will make the eye more due to moisture fuzzy, once the bright light coming in, light encounters water vapor and become more glaring.  Strategy # 1: use wipers scrape the outer layer of fog on the glass, if not clean scraper, is necessary to wipe the glass inside the car with a towel. Strategy # 2: Windows open with a small gap.  Because if the larger temperature difference between inside and outside the cab, also cast a haze on the inside of the windshield, window air convection can be made inside and outside the car, keep the temperature consistent.  DIY tips: detergent mist method: dip a small amount of detergent (according to the ratio of around 1:10 against the water) and wipe with a soft cloth in the windshield inside and on the rear-view mirror or mirror visors, should not, without wiping too much detergent, because more would make the glass look dirty, still affect vision. Anti-fog products are "mirrors" at the moment, anti-fog products for most vehicles on the market with the arrival of autumn, increasingly hot market.  After you use anti-fog spray often, even if the glass fog, nor to drop, but transformed into a highly transparent water, eliminate sight lines to block is made clear and thorough.  However, these anti-fogging articles really so magical? It is understood that no page is given in the present market, reply to the fog long, except to say that "long-lasting fog." Anti-fog products, the owners said, the anti-fog products after the washing effect is less obvious, when asked about the store cause, instead they will tell "who told you to clean the glass", is really annoying.  Owners cannot antifogging glass, glass washing cars.  Reversing radar sent Shang used Visual reversing for fog days for blind many, but reversing radar of induction system is sent Shang has big used, dang vehicles away from obstacles 1.5 meters distance Shi, reversing radar distance State will began has reaction, until reversing radar distance State article has variable red, and length very short and appeared warning lamented,, then owners needed standing car observation, because at obstacles away from car tail of distance only for 30cm.  It can be said that fog reversing because of blurred vision, parking sensor's perceptual system is promising.  Driving skills in foggy roads slippery, poor brake performance of the vehicle, plus the view is obstructed, so you need to master some skills.  Lighting: fog day trip thoroughly check light installation, don't use the high beam lights, opens the rear lights and low beam lights, making full use of lights to improve visibility. Control speed: Dang visibility is less than 500 meters is greater than 200 meters Shi, speed shall not over 80 km; visibility is less than 200 meters is greater than 100 meters Shi, speed shall not over 60 km; visibility is less than 100 meters is greater than 50 meters Shi, speed shall not over 40 km; visibility in 30 meters within Shi, speed should control in 20 km following; General stadia 10 meters around Shi, speed control in 5 km following.