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1. not as a storage trunk, unusual things best not onboard. Carts are more, the heavier your car, but also increases the load on the engine, of course, oil.

2.  do not arbitrarily change the tire specifications, check tire pressure often, insufficient tire pressure not only cause high fuel consumption and can lead to early wear of tires and tire pressure is too high will reduce tire traction, and easy to puncture.

3.  on the road before planning an itinerary, to keep abreast of traffic information, avoiding congested; fast road as far as possible, avoid the traffic lights.

4.  warm up time is not too long. Vehicle starts, warm without for too long, while slowly walking warm car. Step on the gas and warm up at idle for a long time will result in a waste of fuel.

5.  start of firm, slowly lift the clutch, slow refueling.  

6.  low speed window, high speed air conditioner.

7.  try not to brake suddenly. Moving to keep a safe distance from the vehicle, less frequent on the brakes. Frequent brakes will not only increase fuel consumption, but also exacerbate the wear of the brake pads.