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Winter cooling, hard roads pose a threat to our friends driving safety, need stability of the head to prevent traffic accidents. Driving in the snow to note starting "stable" and running "stable". The initial "stable" was slow refueling slow driving, started best not to hit the steering wheel. If snow were automatic transmission mode, it is best to open. Manual gearbox, slippery conditions on the ground, but two stalls to prevent car slip. Lane "stability" refers to avoid nasty hit the steering wheel while driving, urgent to accelerate or brake, to slow speed.

to speed reduces in advance before entering the turn, before the brakes it is best to slam on the brakes. If in the case of icy roads or steep slopes under the vehicle, should be used for traction engine braking. Driving in the snow "predict" is essential. Keep distance, choosing their own roads. Ahead of the turn signal, keep a sufficient safety distance from outside the vehicle and the corners.

windshield symptoms like blurred vision, should find a safe place immediately after cleaning. In cars, and steam car tyres can be put out to help out. Or find a woolen fabric or carpeting increased friction, by forward into below the tires lose adhesion, helping to trap.