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  now of automatically block car in the, most has for snow Lane by design of snow mode, to increased snow lane of stability, many people errors think snow mode is a simple of automatically transmission used high block started of mode, actually this only said on has a half, only early of some automatically block car above used this method to reduced power output, now many high-end car Shang equipped with has electronic throttle door, ESP,TCS, electronic system, Snow mode is that these devices function together, and not necessarily high gear starts.

this article focuses on automatic transmission car snow mode, the author felt the need to introduce the automobile automatic transmission classification and working principle. Common there are two types of automatic transmission, hydraulic automatic transmissions respectively (referred to AT), mechanical continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT for short).

currently cars commonly used AT, has become almost synonymous with automatic transmissions, compared with manual transmission, hydraulic automatic transmissions (AT) are very different in structure and use. Manual transmissions consisted mainly of gears and shafts, transmission torque generated by the different gear combinations, AT is composed of hydraulic torque converter, Planetary gears and hydraulic control systems through hydraulic-transmission and gear combinations to achieve variable-speed torque.

CVT continuously variable automatic transmission with belts for power transmission and variable width ratchet, transmission belts, metal and metal chain with a rubber band. CVT is true stepless transmission, it has the advantages of light weight, small size, fewer parts, and AT high efficiency, fuel consumption is lower.

perhaps readers may ask, since one transmission is what? This integration of manual transmissions as early as 10 years ago, there are 3 different types:

first species is to automatically transmission of technology for based, in automatically transmission of based above added loaded has electronic and hydraulic control device, even in manual mode Shi automatically speed system still at any time in control state, if you forget has added document it will help you do, if you in speed soon Shi hanging into low-grade it will not implementation, but manual mode Xia of response is not soon.

second species is by General "h" type for block way of manual transmission and automatically clutch device phase combined, it of purpose just makes clutch device automation, and not changes General manual transmission traditional of for document institutions, this speed system structure simple, clutch device pedal was a motor by replaced, it will according to microprocessor of command to will hydraulic system pressure, makes clutch device separation and joint. Sensor that detects when the stalls, the vehicle's speed, throttle position, and the driver's intention, and so on.

third base on manual transmissions, automatic control and electronic clutch hydraulic sequential gear combination, they and racing on the same principle. What is different is the transmission and clutch Assembly is not in design order, which is the traditional combination of manual transmissions and electronic document body, F1 gearbox is used by this class.

early snow mode for automatic transmission car

early of automatically block car General for AT, General no electronic throttle door of equipped with, we said its for rigid connection throttle door, that through lever or pulled cable drive connection accelerated pedal and throttle door of mechanical connection way, so throttle door open degrees completely depends on accelerated pedal of location, that driver of operation intent, but from power sex and economic sex angle view, engine does not always completely in best run workers condition, and driver of errors operation also to security brings hidden. And higher-order functions, such as cruise control cannot be achieved. If car belongs to this class models, so for block Rod near more has a snow mode of button, General used snow of pattern, or indicate "Snow", encountered road snow of when, can will its by Xia to started snow mode, in this mode Xia, vehicles will to 2 block even 3 block started, reduced power of output, prevent skid, but still to light stepped on throttle, slow lane, avoid urgent playing direction.

If there is no snow mode, it can only be manual and operation methods of mechanical transmission, this type of transmission gears arranged from top to bottom for P,R,N,D,2,1, you can push the gear lever up to 2 gears, Gears of the car at this time only 1, 2 jump, slow throttle can be started, but a lot worse.

modern high-end automatic transmission car snow mode

modern high-end automatic transmission cars are equipped with electronic throttle and TCS traction control and ESP dynamic vehicle stability control system. What is the electronic throttle? Electronic throttle control, also known as throttle flexible connection and dropped the traditional mechanical connections in this manner, through electronic control unit controls the throttle quickly and accurately positioned. Its advantage is that it can demand according to the driver's wishes and vehicle driving conditions determine the optimum throttle opening, ensure optimal power performance and fuel economy, and control features such as traction control, cruise control, improve safety and ride comfort. Especially in hybrid cars, due to engine and battery power systems, rigid connection cannot be achieved among the various power sources and energy distribution management and, therefore, it will be replaced by flexible connection.

traction via the electronic throttle control system, also known as anti-slip system itself can achieve all the features of ordinary snow mode, so snow mode button is unavailable for such vehicles and sometimes, of course, if there is one, must also be pressed when driving in the snow. This snow mode through reduced throttle door open degrees to reduced engine power to reached control purpose, first, ECU collection accelerated pedal of location, and wheels speed and steering wheel steering angle, signal, through calculation obtained slip rate, and produced corresponding of control voltage signal, at throttle door by control Yu these signal, not by driving who intent of effect, and on accelerated pedal of response reduced, engine output of power than normal situation Xia small, wheels easily skid, again plus ESP system, Based on four wheels separately applied brake force not only anti-skid effect can be obtained when the car started, traffic will have a high degree of stability.  

If the electronic throttle, but there is no supporting electronic systems such as TCS,ESP, the operation of such cars snow driving and as a normal automatic transmission cars, high start-up or snow mode button is pressed.

snow travel considerations

believe readers looked over the contents of his car full of confidence, but say that does not mean that your car has a wide range of electronic systems can rest easy, in fact, there are still many areas in need of attention.

first, the tyre performance is very important, in the cities, the owner has no plans to change winter tires, in some of the Nordic countries, is sure to put on winter tires in the snow. Is now our car is equipped with four seasons tire Depot considering upgrading grip at the same time take into account comfort so slippery roads, existing tire does not guarantee with the strongest grip. The driver of the second car type also has an important role, sale of cars are front-engine, front-wheel-drive, from a transmission perspective, there are advantages and disadvantages, so strong in the area was dry land, snow is more difficult. Of course, even front-rear drive, the snow line prone to skidding, just at the start have some advantages. Once again, snow performance car with vehicle weight also has a certain relationship. Lighter weight encountered snow and ice pavement, even though there are some good electronic configuration is also a supporting role, increases in General, since some major car equipped with advanced electronic systems, snow would be better.

says so much, in fact, the snow driving is still the most critical drivers, driving in the snow due to too many unpredictable factors, so drive slowly when you can give yourself more time to judge, so as to make the correct operation. Braking for cars without ABS brakes to be used for policies to prevent wheel lock lose steering ability, for a manual transmission car, try to avoid open slide, when you're braking into lower gear at the right time to take advantage of the engine's power, hang into gear to avoid stalling when you're parking car.

all eager of action are should avoid, in snow all are to slowly to, including speed, turn and started and so on, stability Word pledge, had junction Shi must to more see again through, such both can guarantee himself of security also can prevent others hit himself, in developed encountered road bad of when, all of car will open of is slow, regardless of is double b such of luxury car also is General vehicles, all electronic system after all is auxiliary equipment, last saved himself of still is we of security concept.