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       in driving motor vehicles, what happens if you suddenly find the brakes? Although the probability is not high on the car, but when it happens, will drivers into danger.  

       found that the brake in case of drive failure, instead of idling to hang into low gear as soon as possible, because engine braking resistance, open parking more time consuming than the belt to keep off the parking. Right thing to do is, according to the driving speed and road conditions gradually moved to high gear and low gear. Also requires the use of hand brake parking, is in need of attention, if fast, hand brake better not die, because we may pull Handbrake off, at even greater risk, few pull Handbrake, stopped the car, and then completely stop brake.

      If on the road, need to pay attention before and after the vehicle, choosing the right time to pull over, stop in the same way. If you are on the highway, they should immediately open preparation right turn signal on the emergency stop on the right road, the car lights for emergency parking lane to play double jump. If you decline, may be in trouble, and then as soon as possible back to low gear and brake. Automatic transmission cars don't snatch block, but not idling, gearbox automatic transmission feature allows automatic reduction gears, until the parking.

      We briefly summarize them as follows in distress after the action steps: loose throttle pull over--Rob – gear – handle – parking brake. Needs to be emphasized is that in order to make your car faster to grab gears instead of idling.


      also reminded the majority of bikers here: "drive don't talk behind the others ... ... Her eyes must be open, in order to achieve the maximum degree of security. "Indeed, if following too close to vehicles are prone to crash.