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If it is a front wheel puncture: be sure to grip the wheel and adjust the front, do it gently, not swerve over, not to the brakes, vehicle speed slow down, and then tap the steering wheel, then car warning triangle signs have been erected to prevent secondary accidents.  

     If it is a rear flat tire: will show a State of instability, resulting in a slight force, the car side of the tire, oil should be used at this time downshift the car slow to stop. Here we would emphasize that it not is the same as with the front tyre burst, due to the rear wheel has no guiding function and, in General, the rear wheel of the vehicle capacity and relatively low, therefore, rear tire is not very dangerous, just holding steady the steering wheel.  

     daily notes:  

    1: raising awareness of tire safety, I should check the tires, especially before high speed, be sure to make full and detailed examination, in addition to outside of tire pressure, tire side to observe whether there are cracks and tread wear, found hidden should be ruled out.  

    2: implementation of tire rotation on a regular basis, to keep the tires wear evenly on the same car, vehicle tire rotation every 5000 km, four wheel alignment every travel 5000~10000 kilometers in order to avoid excessive tire abnormal wear, do not allow to be installed on the same axis with different models or difference old and new tires.  

    3: regular fixed wheel balancing, wheel imbalance, and will produce a high frequency wobble when running at high speed, tire wear, is not conducive to safety. Measuring dynamic balancing adjustments should be made after tire repair, tire measuring dynamic balancing of unilateral value should be less than or equal to 40 grams.