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1,   you know as the lessee's rights?  

1.  every car, have the right to sign contracts with the lessor's rights;

2.  by contract vehicles owned leased access;

3.  right to be informed of vehicle technology necessary to ensure safe driving conditions and performance information;

4.  entitled to the lessor to protect the rental vehicle use the functions provided by the services.  


2,   right   and you should do the following obligations;

1.  to the lessor provides driving, identity cards, household registration, certificate, business license and other identification information.

2.  pay rent and other fees in accordance with the contract.

3.  operate according to vehicle performance, accumulation and related laws and regulations require the use of rental vehicles.

4.  keep the rental vehicles, maintenance vehicles intact. Without the lessor's permission, are not allowed to repair vehicles, without modification, replacement or addition.

5.  assist the lessor the prescribed time limit for rental vehicles for inspection, maintenance and repair.

6.  assume no higher than 20% due to traffic accidents or the current value of the rental vehicle caused by theft losses assumed other responsibilities arising from traffic accidents.

7.  protection of the inviolability of the rental vehicle. Must not sell, mortgage, pledge, mortgage, lending or sublet the rental vehicle.

8.  rental vehicle when involved in a traffic accident, robbery, immediately to the public security, and traffic control departments report and notify the lessor within 12 hours, and assist the lessor with relevant procedures.

9.  guaranteed rental vehicles for contracts registered driver. During the rental period, if the lessee registration change of information, shall promptly notify the lessor.